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Born and raised in Oregon, my sense of adventure started at an early age. I have always loved travel and the good times that come with it. My travels have taken me to places like Alaska, Greece, Italy, France, Japan, Mexico, and Cananda, plus some others......

How I Got Started On This Idea

I have an awesome husband! When I approached him about the idea of skipping out of work for a year and traveling the world, he said 'Go for it, have a good time, see ya when you get back!' I was meaning 'both' of us, but it just wasn't his thing, but he insisted that I still go. He has seen his fair share of the world, now it was my turn.

Top Destinations

Not sure where my top ones will be, i'm kinda winging it..... I am thinking of starting out in Thailand, or maybe Hong Kong.. not sure... 

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